The right IT solutions for your medical practice don’t have to be expensive or difficult to implement. At Collage, we conform to your practice—not the other way around.

Our tailored solutions are developed within an organization’s existing framework. That means commonplace irritations—cumbersome deployments, mandatory changes to existing workflow, and excessive training—are non-existent with our solutions.

The software our seasoned IT experts design provides you with the wide variety of seamless new features you’ve always wanted. We create streamlined methods, vibrant graphical reports, and revenue production modules that plug into and augment one or more of your existing systems—all at a reasonable cost.

These innovative solutions were vetted as a collaborative effort between the seasoned IT experts at Collage and many large practices. Imagined, created, and designed by these professionals, these proven solutions now run at the core of these practices, helping them to attain greater revenue and higher quality patient care.

Unlike consultants or large software companies, the team at Collage works within your practice’s unique workflows and methods through an interactive consulting process to envision, design, recommend, and support unique solutions to realize your goals and growth plans.

Is your EMR system not what you envisioned it should be? Perhaps…

It’s missing a few key functions or capabilities critical to your practice workflow.

It doesn’t process patients or prospects in the way you want.

Patient callbacks at the end of the day aren’t as organized and methodical as they should be.

You don’t get timely financial and accounts receivable data to help guide your practice.

It doesn’t track critical patient communications and make them conveniently viewable.

You don’t get timely financial and accounts receivable data to help guide your practice.

Our software can address all these concerns—and you don’t have to replace your existing EMR to get what you want. The blended solutions our IT experts turn your EMR from the system it is into the system you want it to be.

What can we create together with the Collage Blend?

The key to this successful approach is a novel fusion of innovative IT and Marketing. At Collage, we understand that the two should never be apart. With the Collage Blend, your solutions work together with your existing systems, giving you a better experience than either group would be able to provide alone. 

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