Collage was born 7 years ago out of a collaboration between the talented medical staff at Reproductive Associates of Delaware (RAD) and creative marketing and IT professionals. We are dedicated to innovation and have a unique understanding of the healthcare industry. Learn more about our expertise and meet the team!

Alex Bross likes possibilities.


Alex likes building something from nothing. There’s no better feeling when a new and creative idea is coming to fruition. He is passionate about weaving these ideas with software, computers, devices, workflow—and people—together to create simple, yet powerful solutions for an organization. He loves the process, the people, and the results.

Meghan Lynch likes giving back.


Meghan admires the power of social media and its ability to share an important message while keeping you connected within the community. She has a passion for nonprofit organizations and a true blue attitude when it comes to the University of Delaware. From her previous roles promoting clients at the local radio station to launching a children’s charity, she believes in the possibility that comes with every new idea. When she is not brainstorming, Meghan is a self-proclaimed mascot fanatic who also enjoys visiting local coffee shops in her quest for the perfect mocha.

Mikey Kopyna likes design.


Mikey believes that when something looks good, whether it’s a well-designed room or a sleek website, it conveys high value. From his days in marketing classes at the University of Delaware, Mikey wondered if he could utilize his passion for aesthetics to increase the attractiveness and marketability of a brand. Starting his career at RAD gave him the opportunity to merge these two concepts. In his spare time, Mikey likes to learn about investing strategies and the stock market.

What can we create together with the Collage Blend?

The key to this successful approach is a novel fusion of innovative IT and Marketing. At Collage, we understand that the two should never be apart. With the Collage Blend, your solutions work together with your existing systems, giving you a better experience than either group would be able to provide alone. 

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